Do you ever feel like THIS when it comes to technology problems?





Santa Monica Tech Support¬†was created because nowadays technology is in everyone’s life and with that, comes a lot of issues, big and small. Not everyone is super tech savvy or has the time to fix these ANNOYING issues.

We decided to bring the tech support to YOU at the comfort of your home instead of making you call customer support or drive all the way to a store, waiting for hours just to get service. You will have our undivided attention with no waiting to all your problems.

That’s not all: we also provide personal tech shopping to help you with buying the best devices or software that you need without the hassle of researching or buying the wrong product. We will install the product/software and teach you how to use it too!

Lastly, we also do work for small businesses who need help with setting up their servers, enterprise software, hardware installation (desktops, laptops, printers etc), wireless routers. We will consult with you to devise the best solution for you!

Contact us today!

Please TEXT me at 310-654-0070 and ask for Santa Monica Tech Support or leave a voicemail.